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Evolver ISX-6

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Model:Evolver ISX-6
Regulacje: Air, No Tools Bottom Out, Rebound, Hi-Speed Compression, Low-Speed Compression
Waga: 400g.
dostępne długości/skok: 190 X 50mm.
200 X 50mm.
215 X 63mm.
222 X 70mm.
240 X 76mm.
Uwagi: -
Cena:1 790 PLN
    New to Manitou formidable range of rear shocks is the long travel enduro, downhill, and freeride-specific Evolver line. An oversized air can enables this shock to perform shockingly well on the most demanding of trails, plus it is light and turnable down to the smallest of air pressure changes. Choose between 4 or 6 levels of adjustment in either shim-based or SPV based damping systems.